The book is done!

The book is done!

17 November 2010,   By ,   1 Comments

If you would have told me a decade ago that the philosophy major from Atlanta living next door to me in my dorm would write a children’s book, and that I’d illustrate it, I’d have told you that would be as likely as the US auto industry going bankrupt.  Wonders never cease (thankfully for the former, unfortunately for the latter).  Here I am, sitting under the glow of my florescent work light,  putting the final touches on the pages that will make up our book.

In 2005 I  moved to Atlanta after college, and caught up with that guy that used to live next door.  Patrick and I had been friends all through college, but now that I lived 400 miles closer our friendship was closer, too.  We had been hanging out a lot, and over a year and a half ago Patrick came to me with an idea for a story.  It was well written, clever, captivating, and imaginative.  He wanted me to do the illustrations.  I’d never taken on a project that large, but I agreed to help because he’s one of my best friends and it sounded like a great time.  It really has been.

40 pages, 2 years of work, countless hours, hundreds of miles, gallons of caffeinated beverages, reams of paper, tattered paint brushes.

I present Fropplelee: The story of a brave little Fropple.

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We’re making every effort to ensure these are available and shipped to you before the holiday season.  Every purchase before November 21st receives a Fropplelee bookmark, and purchases before December 7th will be signed by Patrick and I.  We’re marketing this to kids, but don’t feel bad if your a “big” kid and you want one.  I still read Berenstain Bears.  Thanks to our friends and family who have helped and continue to help in so many ways.  Without them we would never have got to where we are now.

If you’re interested, please hop over to the Hanlon Goldthread Publishing site for ordering information.  Payment is secure through  We appreciate your support!

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  1. Wilson says:

    I fall under the “big” kid category and already have my copy ordered. I can’t wait for it to arrive. Patrick can definitely tell a story and the illustrations look incredible. Nice work and congrats on the completion of your very first book…hopefully the first of many!

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