Factory Five 818 Concept

Factory Five, maker of beautiful and overpowered kit-built sports cars, is holding a design contest for it’s next model: The 818.  It’ll be a smallish, subaru powered mid engined car that will serve as their entry model.  I’ve been drawing cars since I could hold a crayon, so there was no way I was going to pass this up.  I have an entire folder of cars I’ve drawn on the back of worksheets in study hall during high school, and most of my sketch books are filled up with the same thing.

I’ve seen a few entries so far, and I think where I diverge from the typical entry is in the use of a lot of organic curves.  I really like the sports car designs from the 60’s and 70’s…very swoopy, curvy, and undeniably sexy.  I hope that my design would impart a special, exotic feeling to anyone who’d be driving it.  The best part is through the addition of some practical, modern touches, it would be entirely livable (although basic) for day to day driving and work well at high speeds on track.

I’ll be updating the blog over the next few weeks with teasers and limited views until the full design is submitted in June.  Believe me, I’ll be up against the deadline to finish…I’m going as far over the top with detail as possible!

This is the original sketch:


And here are the finals so far.  I love seeing how designs evolve over time, whether through conscious choices or not.

Factory Five 818 Concept Side View

Factory Five 818 Concept Iso View


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