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Who doesn’t want to stare at the glory of 6 individual throttle bodies lined up oh so pretty atop one of automobilia’s most beloved and infamous powerplants while surfing the net or wading through email?  I don’t know either.  So here’s a couple different sizes of an technical illustration I did, because I just can’t […]Continue Reading


OK, co-winner.  The editors at Grassroots Motorsports – who are in charge of handling design submissions – select a “pick of the week” from the Factory Five 818 design submissions each week until the contest finishes out on June 1st.  I’m very honored to have been among those picked for Week 11.  Being a weekly […]Continue Reading


Finished up the last of 4 renderings the other day and everything has been sent in to Factory Five with fingers crossed.  I had a blast putting it all together and was really inspired by some of the other artwork I’ve seen.  The other designers are bringing so much imagination to the table it’s unreal. […]Continue Reading


Almost done! 1 more draft to go – the top view. Once the design has been submitted I’ll be sharing the full views of all the renders. I’m pretty happy with it so far. I’m sure there would have to be some small changes to make it roadworthy, but from a design perspective I think […]Continue Reading


Factory Five, maker of beautiful and overpowered kit-built sports cars, is holding a design contest for it’s next model: The 818.  It’ll be a smallish, subaru powered mid engined car that will serve as their entry model.  I’ve been drawing cars since I could hold a crayon, so there was no way I was going […]Continue Reading