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When I was in high school I played soccer, and used to always look forward to the off-season, since that’s when indoor soccer started up.  Indoor soccer is fast-paced, a bit more strategic than normal soccer due to the walls, and rough (only bone I ever broke was playing indoor).  Our team, Monkey Mafia, was […]Continue Reading


One thing you should know about me is that I don’t take myself too seriously. So, when I have an opportunity like this come along, I jump all over it. I have a friend from my old work, Barry.  Barry’s an interesting guy.  He has a giant computer controlled CNC mill in his garage that […]Continue Reading


Coming in extremely late is a little news about the August ’10 issue of Atlanta Magazine.  You can see this ad on page 5.  There’s just something about feeling a piece of gloss paper with your stuff printed on it that makes the occasion a bit more special than just turning the art over to […]Continue Reading


My sister, Kelly, is an extremely talented artist (and photographer).  Yes, I’m biased, but you need to check her paintings out.  Kelly is one of those people who can translate things directly or abstractly with total ease and fluidity.  Some of her work is incredibly lifelike, others are dreamlike and whimsical.  She often combines the […]Continue Reading


I’ve had experiences with a number of different types of companies, but this is my first time doing artwork for a real estate business.  Afton Investments and Mormann Properties are the related creations of a hard working couple who share their passion for renovating and selling residences by working together.  Their teamwork in both construction […]Continue Reading