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Cover – Ashby Arms Guide To The Apocolypse 2012 Calendar

January – Superblizzard freeze-out!

February – Sarin gas attacks!

March – Alien mech-suit invasion!

April – Nationwide tornado outbreak…no city is safe!

May – Full US monetary collapse. Riots, looting and one angry grandma!

June – Massive solar EMP over the western Hemisphere! They don’t have an app for that.

July – Extreme drought across the US. Some people are willing to go to greater lengths than others for a drink of water.

August – Hit 4-Lo and head for the hills! Could you escape a greater metro area in a panic?

September – Survive a killer virus!

October – Zombie hoards! Braaaiiiinnsssss….

November – Drug cartels are taking over! Looks like Texas is first on the menu…

December – Game over.