Garrett Hughes Photography

Finding true outdoor exposure

Garrett Hughes is not a man afraid to get his hands dirty in the pursuit of the perfect, gritty outdoors shot.  Capturing photo sets for the Surf and Hiking community, as well as many manufacturers in the outdoors product industry, Garrett often dives headlong into the scenery (literally) in pursuit of the action.  The resulting images are both soulful and striking.

Garrett contacted Bradford Ink to create a logo form that captures the wild, bright, and kinetic landscapes that he calls his studio.  The secondary mission was to also integrate that new logo mark to a memorable and professional looking business card form.


Garrett spends an equal amount of time on land and in the sea, so it was important that the logo embodied his pursuits in both worlds.  The logo is as simple and elemental as the landscapes, and both the land and sea components share a sharp and kinetic nature that embodies a sense of the ragged and untamed.  A compact, almost diamond-shaped composition makes this logo fit anywhere.

The color palette is restrained and emphasizes cool stone and aqua colors for use on typically black or white backgrounds for a striking display.


Cards were absolutely necessary to take advantage of Garrett’s in-person connections when in the field or studio.  We agreed that a satin black background, combined with spot gloss accents over the bold logo visuals provided a true sense of distinction for those important first impressions, and felt like a proper match for the caliber of his camera work.

A card is only as useful as the information it can provide, so on the back, all critical info is well organized and intuitively listed with accompanying icons in the signature blue hue.  These cards have a heft and tactile feel that will make them hard to mistake for anyone else.


Garrett Hughes Photography


Bold logo design and creation of a double sided business card


Designer, Imaginary Mountaineer


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