Hummingbird Group

Masters of agile mentoring

Hummingbird Group brings together corporate leadership experts who help organizations of all sizes maximize their productivity and team cohesion through comprehensive leadership mentoring programs for both individuals and teams.  Located in the DC area, Hummingbird Group’s array of combined skills as mentoring gurus demanded an equally in-depth design campaign.  Bradford Ink came together with key team members to develop a suite of design assets that helped them truly spread their wings.


Bradford Ink was charged with the task of developing a logo mark that featured the bright, whimsical form of Hummingbird Group’s feathered namesake, but was controlled enough in execution to suggest a clear sense of measured ability and pinpoint accuracy.  Careful assessment of structure and color led us to a hovering bird position that feels both light and prepared, while also displaying some of the natural splendor of the hummingbird.   The “on the wing” shape allows the business name to form up naturally to the right of the bird for a composition that can work equally well with or without the bird graphic.


Hummingbird Group needed some fundamental components to get off the ground, but they were by no means taken lightly!  It was important that both the business cards and letterhead shared a contiguous look and feel.

To that end, both pieces utilize bright, but well defined “hummingbird” branding over expanses of clean, white space along with unique feather elements to add some subtle interest to the hummingbird motif.  Care was taken with both items to ensure great functionality and easy legibility.

The Hummingbird Group cards, in particular, match the letterhead closely on the front but enjoy a truly bright display on the back, with bold color fields and lively accents to both text and background.


Hummingbird Group took charge of the site design and installation on their own, but recruited Bradford Ink for a few choice front-end design components including the header logo and “feather collage” divider graphic.


Hummingbird Group


Ground-up brand identity, stationary suite, and web graphics


Designer, Web Design Consultant, Bird Analyst


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