Independently Located

The adventure awaits

Independently Located is the brainchild of adventure-obsessed photographer Garrett Hughes.  Garrett’s quest to capture beautiful, top-level shots for his clients, as well as sports, lifestyle and product sponsors has him burning up the miles on a constant basis in search of ideal photography venues in the great outdoors.

In order to keep upping the ante and achieving a more authentic atmosphere for his shots, Garrett decided to dive straight into the deep end and orchestrate the ultimate cross-country photoshoot during November 2016, as a Brand Advocate and contributing photographer for many major outdoor recreation brands.  As the plans developed, it became clear that the project would need to have its own brand to take advantage of increased online exposure and to put a tangible mark on his version of this free roaming lifestyle that many other adventurers share.

Bradford Ink was summoned to develop 2 variants of a bold, wilderness-grade logo mark that had a burly presence and hearty backbone combined with a bit of iron-clad grit to give a nod to the mechanical workings of our steely steeds.  The resulting logos speak to a free-roaming sovereignty that so many outdoors enthusiasts crave.  These designs can weather the storm on any marketing piece, and are shaped for easy sticker production or screen print implementation.

You can find Garrett’s work at or on Instagram at garrett_hughes.


Independently Located


New brand identity in multiple logo forms


Designer, Sketch Artist, Pine Enthusiast


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