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Sticking around makes a good impression

Oconee County teamed up with sticker vendor SportStickers to develop an awesome set of stickers that the park would be able to sell or hand out at its prime campground, South Cove.  Bradford Ink works as the creative wing of SportStickers on many projects, and for this one we had to bust out our best campfire etiquette, and hitch up the wagons for some serious brainstorming.

South Cove boasts not only unique waterfront camping, but also scenic foothills surrounding the area that campers can explore.  Plenty of broad, mature trees give the entire place a true sense of natural grandeur.  Campers similarly enjoy the tradition and nuance of their equipment, so it was critical that we caught the “cool factor” of that aspect through the iconic Airstream camper trailer.

The end results were two illustrative stickers, packed with detail: a 5×4 free-form shape with some retro flair, and a 7×3 oval that brought out the scenery along with a slight wood-cut effect in the highlights and shadows.  Both promise to make great souvenirs for South Cove’s wandering guests.


Oconee County South Carolina via SportStickers


Custom sticker creation for South Cove County Park retail sales


Designer, S’mores Specialist


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